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LegacyNet is a voluntary network of experimental sites set up to investigate the yield benefits of multispecies grassland leys, as well as their legacy effects on follow-on crops in a rotation. A common experiment is being established across multiple sites, with the main treatment being grassland mixtures consisting of grasses, legumes and herbs (from monoculture up to six species), and a follow-on crop (cereal or grass) to reflect the legacy effect of the grassland composition.

We know of the benefits of multi-species mixtures for yield, weed suppression, nitrogen yield and forage quality. Now, we wish to investigate how to best design grassland leys within crop rotations to maximize the function of the ley as a grassland, and to maximize the carry-over effect of the grassland (supply of symbiotically fixed nitrogen, soil health and fertility). Can we identify specific grassland species combinations that are best at delivering these functions within a crop rotation?

AIMS: LegacyNet aims to implement a common experiment across multiple sites, and collect data to allow general comparisons of the effects of multi-species grassland mixtures. LegacyNet investigates the use of multi-species grassland leys as a practical farm management strategy to improve:

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